Water Soluble Dissolvable Laundry Bags
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Water Soluble Dissolvable Laundry Bags

Proudly water soluble laundry bags are made of water-soluble materials that dissolve completely in the laundry, are 100% biodegradable and stop the spread of infection.
The bags are simple to use - just fill them and put them straight into the laundry. No need to handle or transfer items and the bags are completely sealed and isolated reducing the chance of human contact with soiled items. Using them is so much quicker and more efficient as well as environmentally friendly and safer for staff.
They are widely used in hospitals, care homes, ports and hotels - anywhere where the ease of use and the health of workers can benefit any type of business or health centre.
It has obtained the EU REACH material safety certification, ASTM D6400, EN13432, JBPA GREENPLA three international authoritative degradation certification.
If your business or health centre is looking to make your laundry more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly, then our water-soluble laundry bag tick all the boxes.
  • WSB2633;WSB2839 ; WSB3639


  • 39232900

1. What is Water-Soluble Laundry Bag?

Proudly water soluble laundry bags are specifically designed for hospital and healthcare industries to enhance infection control processes allowing staff to transfer infected linens and other materials without direct contact eliminating exposure to the contaminated materials.

They are 100% biodegradable meaning once the bag dissolves in the washing process a water and carbon dioxide solution is made leaving no environmental pollutants or infected waste.

Tests have shown the anti-static, non-toxic bags are impermeable to bacteria and viruses and have excellent gas barrier properties making the risk of infection minimal.

2. Why Water-Soluble Laundry Bag is Important?

Bearing the most recent example of COVID-19 in mind, it’s well-known how important the healthcare system’s role has been in this entire pandemic. It’s also a popular fact that COVID-19 can potentially spread through surface contact and not just from someone coughing or sneezing on you.

Imagine for a moment, In the COVID-19 or Infectious ward or where everything is potentially infected. This also includes the clothes and sheets of the patients. These will have to be disinfected before they are used again. So, they are disposed of in a laundry bag which will then head to the laundry for washing and disinfection. But if using a fabric laundry bag or PE laundry bag, the laundryman must open the bag and take out the clothes and sheets before washing. This will increase the risk of infection.

Now imagine, if the person responsible for disinfection, didn’t have to open the laundry bag, to begin with. Instead, they just had to throw the laundry bag containing contaminated clothes directly into the washing machine. This will definitely reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

3. How do they work ? 

1. Collect soiled or dirty materials in the bags and tie the bag with supplied tape.

2. Transport the bags to the laundry.

3. Place the bags straight into the washing machines.

4. The bags dissolve in seconds in hot water, releasing the contents for cleansing.

5. Once full, dispose of the bags. They will biodegrade in 180 days under normal waste environments.

Simple, effective, and completely safe to use as the bags are non-toxic.

4. Standard Specifications:

660mm x 840mm (thickness: 25micron )
710mm x 990mm (thickness: 25micron )

914mm x 990mm (thickness: 25micron )

water soluble laundry bags

water soluble bag

dissolvable laundry bags

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