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  • IDHF
    ◆ 120 million children = 7% of the 0-4 years old population (UN forecast by 2030)◆ Annual average GDP growth: +6%◆ 2016 Disposable Hygiene expenditure: 1.1 bn€ (+16% CAGR 14-16)Proudly devotes to shape the future of the Disposable Hygiene market in one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Read More
  • Costa Rica
    As a world-renowned medical tourism destination, Costa Rica is famous for its low cost and high quality medical care. Costa Rica's medical standards are among the highest in Latin America.There are public social insurance hospitals all over the country, as well as many famous private hospitals with Read More
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Established in 2004, Jiangmen Proudly Water-soluble Plastic Co., Ltd focus on the R&D and manufacturing of functional, biodegradable and safety packaging products, widely for medical, industry, agriculture and consumer products.

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