Biodegradable Dissolvable Water Soluble Golf Balls
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Biodegradable Dissolvable Water Soluble Golf Balls

Proudly Water Soluble,100% Biodegradable Golf Balls are non-toxic and contain no form of heavy metals.
PVA is fully water-soluble, non-toxic and is a very common coating for Food and Medication being 100% non-mutagenic and non-clastogenic.
It protects our balls from Oils and Humidity and is scientifically perfect for this application without hampering their Water Solubility.
No need to hire a diver to retrieve your balls and there is no guilt in enjoying the satisfaction of driving balls into the great big blue with our Golf Balls.
  • WSGB44


  • 9506320000

Shooting normal Golf Balls that are not fully Biodegradable or Water Soluble is a cause for environmental concern — non-specialty Golf Balls contain many materials that can cause extreme harm to the ecosystem of the ocean.


Practical Uses:

Lake Side

Ocean Side


Driving Ranges around Bodies of Water

Yacht Parties

Cruise Ships

Fun Novelty Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious

Water Soluble golf balls

biodegradable golf balls

dissolvable golf balls

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