Water Soluble Fishing Bag
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Water Soluble Fishing Bag


Proudly is the largest and unique PVA film manufacturer in China, mastering both blown extrustion and solution cast technology.
We produce various PVA bags including PVA fishing bags. PVA fishing bag is used for containing fishing baits,it is an easy,efficient way to get your bait to range without the mess,it will be dissolved in water and the baits allures more fish to eat.
these bags are very popular in the filed of angling. We have two kinds of PVA film for cast emboosed and bolwn extrusion.
There are 25~ 50 micron for option. Multi specifications are available upon the reuqest of the clients.

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Established in 2004, Jiangmen Proudly Water-soluble Plastic Co., Ltd focus on the R&D and manufacturing of functional, biodegradable and safety packaging products, widely for medical, industry, agriculture and consumer products.

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