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How To Use Laundry Capsules Appropriately? User Instruction| Proudly

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Laundry capsules are an innovative form of concentrated detergent that comes enclosed in a water-soluble film. When used, they can be directly placed into the washing machine along with the clothes. Upon contact with water, the water-soluble film of the laundry capsules dissolves within a specific timeframe, releasing the enclosed laundry agent to effectively clean and care for the laundry.

Laundry capsule

Typically, the higher the content of active substances in laundry detergent, the more effective the cleaning capabilities. As per QB/T 1224-2012 "Liquid Detergent for Clothing", the total active substance content in laundry detergent should be at least 15%, and for concentrated products, it should be no less than 25%.

In contrast, laundry capsules demonstrate outstanding cleaning power. In 2017, the National Detergent Quality Inspection Center conducted a quality comparison and evaluation of 14 brands of laundry capsules available in the market. The research revealed that the active substance content in all samples exceeded 65%, showcasing exceptional detergency.

The advantages of laundry capsules include their robust cleaning power and convenient use. However, due to their vibrant appearance and small size, there is a risk of ingestion, particularly for children.

To address this concern, QB/T 5568-2021 "Laundry capsules" sets specific requirements for the product size, pH value, water-soluble film dissolution rate, and other technical parameters of the laundry capsules. Additionally, it includes safety indicators aimed at preventing ingestion by infants and children. The standard mandates that the minimum volume of a single capsule should not be less than 10ml, and bittering agents must be added to the product. Furthermore, such products should be designed to require the use of both hands to open, preventing young children from accessing the contents. This standard will come into effect on April 1, 2022.

To use laundry capsules properly, follow these steps:

1. Place the laundry capsule directly into the washing machine drum before adding the clothes.

2. Add your clothes on top of the laundry capsule.

3. Close the washing machine door and proceed with your usual washing cycle as per the garment care labels.

4. Ensure that the laundry capsule is kept out of reach of children and pets and is stored in a cool and dry place.

Always refer to the specific instructions provided on the packaging of the laundry capsules for the most accurate and detailed usage guidelines.

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